Here is a list of the local Parish and Community groups.   Each group shows the contact details and a link to view any notices for the group.

To view the group details, click the name of the group and the details will expand automatically.

Church Grounds Group

Functions of Church Grounds Group:

  • To make the approach to Parish Church more user friendly to the Congregation.
  • To create car parking space
  • To provide Compliant disable access to the Church.
  • To install proper lighting.
  • To newly surface the surrounds with tarmacadam and brick paving in pedestrian areas, as the old surface had disintegrated as it had become a health and safety hazard.

Contact Person: Gerard McGrath
Phone No.: 065 9051600

Communications Group

Eucharistic Ministers

Weekly list of Eucharistic Ministers in the Parish

Kilkee Altar Society

Sheila Robertson
065 905 6316

Kilkee Apostolic Society

Monica Collins
065 906 0010

Kilkee Parish Choir

The Kilkee Church Choir is a 4 part choir of 45 members. The choir sings at 11.15 am, Mass on Sundays, at every funeral, occasional weddings and at the Christmas and Easter ceremonies. Visiting choir members are welcome.

Mark May  (Director)
065 9083822

Patrick Kelly (Organist)

Mass Activities Group

Functions of the Mass Activities Group

  • To fold Parish Newsletter prior to Week-end Masses.
  • To present Newsletter as Mass-goers enter the church for Mass – this is an opportunity to greet the parishioners and visitors.
  • To act as collectors during Masses.
  • To arrange for ushers at Masses during the Summer Season.

Contact Person: John Lynch
Phone No. : 065 9056076

Mass Servers Rota

Weekly list of Parish Mass Servers

Parish Finance Group

The functions of the Finance Group of the Parish Leadership Structures are

  • The overall management of all church Parish funds
  • The evaluation of proposals from other Action Groups
  • The provision of funding for such approved projects
  • The overseeing of major alteration and repair work to church buildings.
  • The provision of funding for capital works.
  • The preparation and publication of Accounts.

Contact Person: Mr. Harry Keller
Phone No.: 065 905 6417

Parish Leadership Group

Sean O’Broin
065 906 0968

Parish Liturgy Group

The functions of the Liturgy Group of the Parish Leadership structure are

  • To plan and prepare Liturgical celebrations of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and major feasts of the Year.
  • To involve adults and children in meaningful Liturgical Celebrations

Contact Person:  Sr. Marie Ryan
Phone: 065 905 6116

Pastoral Council

Bringing the community closer together.

Play and Pray Group

  • Play and Pray helps children to be active participants at Mass each weekend.
  • Activity based learning is central to Play and Pray
  • Gospel story stimulates discussions and children enjoy some art work as well
  • Parents are happy, to bring children to be part of this Liturgy, and they are enabled to attend Mass knowing that their children are also active participants under supervision
  • Play and Pray volunteers attend on a Rota Basis.

Fr. Donagh O’Meara: 065 9056580
Sr. Marie Ryan: 065 9056116

Remembrance Garden Group

The function of the Remembrance Garden Group

  • To plan a reflective garden beside the Parish Church and give an opportunity to Parishioners to remember their loved ones who have passed away.
  • To research garden design and agree on a specific plan or design
  • To develop and finish the garden based on an agreed design

Contact Person: Mary Fitzgerald
Phone No.: 065 9056482

St. Vincent de Paul

This is a Christian Voluntary organisation, working with poor and disadvantaged people, in local area and wherever a need exists. Through personal contact, we are committed to respecting the dignity of those we assist, and endeavour to develop their self-respect. We assure confidentiality at all times, and we aim to establish relationships based on trust and respect.

Confidential mobile phone no: 086 2289868
Contact Person:  Sr. Marie Ryan 065 905 6116

Visitation Group

The functions of the Visitation Group are

  • To visit Parishioners in hospitals and local nursing homes.
  • To visit the elderly people in their homes.

Contact Person:: Margaret Prendergast
Phone No.: 065 9056107

Welcoming New People to the Parish Group

The functions of the welcoming new people to the Parish Group are

  • To identify new people who come to reside in the Parish
  • To visit them
  • To provide them with Information on Parish facilities and Organisations

Contact Person: Delia McGrath
Phone No.:  065 9056222